Enhanced Memory ME-1 for Kawai K5000

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Kawai K5000W

Kawai K5000W

Memory Expansion for Kawai K5000 series

This article is about the Kawai ME-1 memory expansion, which is obsolete since years. I have developed a replica for this memory expansion. This replica has been tested and released by Kawai Europe GmbH (old forum, german only rsp. new Kawai forum.

Some Information about the K5000 series:

The ME-1 Enhanced Memory ram card fits into all three versions of Kawai K5000:

- K5000S (with real time controllers)

- K5000W (workstation with sequencer)

- K5000R (rackmount version)

It is highly recommended for all owners of a K5000 synthesizer. This module is not available any more. The original price was about €153,-

The ME-1 extends the internal memory of the K5000 by two banks (E and F). Altogether about 180 user presets are available using the ME-1.

See also: www.stoffelshome.de

ME-1 Einbau


Me-1 sold out

From the www.Kawai.de homepage: ME-1 sold out. Original price was 320,- DM (= 163,61 Euro)


ME-256k-16 (ME-1 replacement)

Kawai ME-1 replica (prototype)

More information about the project

1. The early project phase

2. The development phase

3. The testing

4. My workplace

5. Additional product information

6. Update 2011


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